Order your QR code for as little as $30.00 using the button at the top of this page. Your Identribute will be created with a unique QR code and the full name of your loved one at the bottom.
Your Personalized QR Code is crafted from sticky vinyl that can easily be applied to the surface of your chosen grave marker or monument. Each plaque will last at least 2 years.
Once your plaque is applied, you can scan using a mobile device to read bios, see photos and read notes left by visitors on your loved ones online memorial at ultimatetributes.com.

The quick answer is that a QR code is an abbreviated quick response code. Think of your regular bar codes at the grocery store, now think of the same thing that you can scan and it will take you to a site on the internet that is related to that code. You probably most frequently see these in advertisements in the mail, commercial ads in magazines, even at the mall on sale items.

The next question is, how in the world does this relate to memorialization? The answer is if you have an online memorial for a loved one, preferably at www.ultimatetributes.com, you can generate a unique qr code for that person, pet, or place. You can then direct a scan to the website that describes said person. What we have done here, is facilitate the process of accessing information regarding a loved one. If you have an online memorial, enter that url, generate a qr code plaque which will be mailed to you, place the plaque on the headstone, urn, anywhere an adhesive plaque would stick, and scan it with your phone. It will direct you to the associated site describing your loved one.

How do I scan it? For users of smart phones, its easy. Go to your app store, app market, where ever you get apps, download a free qr code scanner, follow the scanning directions, and you will be in business. While I know the content on ultimate tributes is valid, backed up, available, and will be available to future generations, I can't say the same for other sites. If you have a memorial on another site, your QR code will work as long as the site is available on the internet and the QR plaque is scannable. We are constantly looking for ways to improve upon the memorialization process, so stay abreast of recent developments with us. I sincerely appreciate your attention and wish you well in all your endeavors.

Regards, Mark.